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Spring Wellness

We are also seeing rising numbers of Lyme Disease and other tick borne infections.  Our climate has changed allowing ticks to grab a solid foothold in our area.  Every year we see increasing numbers of ticks and Lyme disease in dogs.  In 2017 one Ontario lab was reporting 1223 positive lyme tests.  

Annual blood testing followed by preventative medication is essential to keep your pet safe in both of these situations.  Luckily we have routine blood tests to monitor your pet's health and any exposure they may have had to to many different parasites.  For a limited time, we will discount the cost of blood collection and shipping fees. That is a savings of up to 30%!!  These blood tests will include a complete liver count, liver and kidney values and much more.  When these wellness tests are performed in combination with a 4DX test there will be additional savings!  Tests will screen for Heartworm as well as Lyme, Erlichia and Anaplasma.  (tick borne infections).  As for prevention, there is no one product yet on the Canadian market that protects against all of these parasites, but there are several combinations available for the best protection possible.  Call us at 905-372-2721 for more information. 

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