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Pine Ridge Veterinary Clinic - Covid 19 Protocols

Hello everyone. We hope you all are doing well as can be expected in this difficult and stressful time. This crisis and it's aftermath will be a challenge for all of us to navigate.

Please know that the clinic is open. However your safety and the safety of our staff is of the utmost importance right now and as such we have put several protocols in place that we ask you to observe.

1) We are deferring for now all non essential services (eg routine checkups, nail clips, etc) and concentrating on those pets that are ill or in an emergency situation. If your puppy is in the middle of a booster series and time is critical for their safety or if your pet requires a vaccine such as rabies or kennel cough for boarding we will administer.

2) When you call for an appointment we will ask if you have traveled recently and/or are experiencing any respiratory symptoms. If so, we ask you not to come in. Please ask a family or a friend to bring your pet in for you if they need to be seen.

3) Please have only one person bring a pet to the appointment. We are trying to reduce traffic in the clinic to a minimum.

4) Please call the clinic first BEFORE coming in for food and supplies. When placing your order on the phone we will store a credit card in your digital file and prepay the order. When you arrive to pick up we will bring the order out to you. Please be aware we have an online webstore where you can order food and supplies. Delivery is free.

5) We are practicing stringent disinfectant policies throughout the clinic (including door handles, countertops, debit machines, chairs and tables in the waiting room etc) and the staff is focussing on self hygiene at all times.

6) Our orders for food and medicine are being delayed for 2-3 days. Right now our supplier is adjusting to the high demands and shipments are taking longer than usual. They ask that you please only order 1 month of food and supplies at a time.

7) Please be patient with us. We are short staffed and doing the best we can.

8) We will update you as often as possible, please check our Facebook page and our Instagram

Stay well everyone, we can get through this together.