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What if we told you bringing your cat to the vet doesn't have to be an ordeal - Part II

In our last blog we discussed the trials and tribulations of bringing your cat to the vet. We specifically discussed carrier aversion and how to work with your cat in acclimatizing to their carrier.

Hopefully some of the suggestions we discussed were helpful! However, getting your cat in the carrier is just the first step. Now we have to get your cat to the car and eventually to the clinic. If it helps, I'm working along with you guys. Right now Loretta is tolerating the carrier in her room and having all her meals beside it. In a few weeks I'm going to try and see if she will actually eat a meal inside it...but I digress.

Ok, so you've worked hard, your cat has gone in the carrier and is comfortable but here is where all your hard work can fly out the window. How do the majority of us pick up our cat's carrier? Well by the handle, because that's what it's there for. However...have you ever stood back and observed how that looks? The carrier is swinging in every direction, the poor cat is rolling around, must be very frightening. What we recommend if at all possible is to hold it with both hands and lift the weight evenly and carefully (just like Christina our technician is holding in the picture above) without jostling or bumping.

Now let's talk about how we can make the trip itself easier!

1) Cover the carrier: You would be surprised how this really can help! Covering the carrier with a blanket can make your kitty feel much more secure and block out sights like moving cars and trucks. I was successful in moving two cats across the country this way. (and that was almost a 7 day trek)

2) Use Feliway: Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that helps promote calmness and serenity in your cat's environment. You can use the product on a blanket in the carrier or even spray the inside and the bars of the carrier. (Visit their website here to learn more about Feliway ...

3) Krazy Kitty cat nip and toys: The Krazy Kitty line of toys has catnip and other herbs to help your cat feel relaxed and happy. We carry the full line of Krazy Kitty products. (Visit their website here...

If possible, give yourself plenty of time to get into the clinic, so you aren't rushing and stressed yourself as that will carry over to your cat. Play some calming music during the journey.

Once you are here, we can help you and your cat as well. If you would like a quiet room, don't hesitate to ask us. We usually have one or two quiet rooms available away from other pets. In the quiet room we can also use the Feliway plug in to carry on the pheromone therapy that you started at home. Plus we can add some more catnip and treats to help your cat relax until the appointment starts. (we can add some more catnip and treats to help your cat relax until the appointment starts. (and during)

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