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Flattening the curve...with the curb!

First off, hope EVERYONE is faring ok through these really difficult times! Can you believe we are 7 weeks into our Covid situation? If you’d ask me if we would have managed all this time with a completely new system, I would have laughed (and cried a little!). But one thing we can always say about the human race is we are very adaptable. We know things aren’t perfect and we are still working under certain restrictions (eg no routine procedures such as nail clips, anal glands and adult vaccines), but we hope that at the time of this writing those restrictions will be eased in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we offer as much service as we can in the form of urgent care and telemedicine appointments.

If your pet is ill and needs to be seen call us. We can set up a physical exam and/or set up a telemedicine appointment. In a telemedicine appointment, the vet would call you and discuss your pet’s issue and treat accordingly. If we felt that the pet needed to be physically seen, we would set up an appointment to come in. We would credit the cost of the telemedicine call towards an in clinic exam. If you come to the clinic for an appointment, please call us when you are here. The vet will speak to you, take down any pertinent details about your pet’s condition and then take your pet into the clinic for treatment. To adhere to social distancing guidelines we ask that you wait outside for your pet. We can assure you your pet is getting all the care and attention inside while you wait.

And then we have the curb for pickup!!

Who would have guessed that a little table outside would be our saving grace right now? It’s just a little card table, but it helps us all maintain our required social distancing! You all have been really great about adapting to this new system and we thank you! We thought though we would just reiterate how to go ahead and take advantage of our curbside service:

Ideally, for those who need food and product we would point you in the direction of our webstore. The webstore is an online ordering and delivery service. You can access it at You can order a host of food and product for your pets this way. Delivery is FREE and they will deliver right to your door! We ask if you do decide to use the webstore that you use the delivery option. Again delivery is free and helps cut down traffic at the clinic. You can also receive an additional 5% off all food if you set up auto-order.

If you can’t or you need medication for your pets, then here are the steps to take advantage of our curbside service:

1) Call us first at 905-372-2721 (or you can email us as well to help reduce phone call volume at

2) Pre pay with a credit card. When you call us to order we will take a credit card over the phone. We will accept an e transfer as well. (the address for e transfer is, the password would be your pet’s name, eg FluffySmith.

3) Pick up at our south side. Please call us WHEN YOU ARE HERE. Please don’t call us ahead. We really have no idea of knowing when you are here if you are still 5-10 minutes away and we don’t want people sitting out waiting for us. Plus we don’t want to put out food or medications on the table until we know you are here. If you don’t have a cell phone, come and knock on the front door and we will direct you to the side for pick up.

And that’s it! Again you all have been very good at helping us with this new system. It hasn’t been easy and it’s still a little difficult to get used to but we definitely appreciate everyone understanding that this is our “new normal” for at least the forseeable future.

Again, we hope ALL OF YOU are safe and well and we will get through this tough time together!!

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May 05, 2020

Pineridge Veterinary is the BEST!!

Poor little Portia was sick but she is back to her scrappy little self again thanks to Dr. Pat

Portia can’t wait for Covid to be done so she can bring a snack into the staff :)

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