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Time to hit the road....summer vacation with your pets

Let’s hit the road!

Summer is here….finally! Now is the time we are all getting away for much needed relaxation and vacation time. But before we get away, preparation can be extensive….making reservations, packing, making sure the house is secure etc. And then there are our pets to consider. Whether or not they are going with you, there are many details to remember. Here is a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  1. Medication – have you got your refills? Make sure you have enough of whatever medication your pet is on.

  2. Parasite protection – make sure you have your pet’s flea, tick and heartworm preventative

  3. Vaccinations – this is important if your pet is coming with you or being boarded. If you are travelling across the border into the United States with your pet, they need to have their rabies up to date. If you are boarding your dog, most kennels will require an up to date Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine. If you are unsure if your pet is up to date, give us a call at 905-372-2721.

  4. Secure collar with current ID tags

  5. Crate, safety harness or other restraining device

  6. Litter box and/or poop bags

  7. Food, water and snacks

  8. Food and water dishes

  9. List of veterinary offices and emergency animal hospitals in the area to which you’re traveling

  10. First aid kit. Click on the link for a full list of what to put in your pet’s first aid kit. (

  11. Familiar blankets and toys

  12. If you are boarding your pets, or leaving your pets with a sitter while you are away, it’s best to let us know who would be responsible for your pet’s medical care while you are gone. We have an absent owner form you can easily fill out and give us all pertinent information. We can even email it to you.

One tip I learned that I will pass along to you the reader. If you are taking pet food across the border, take a new, sealed bag. One time when we were crossing the border into the U.S. for a weekend camping trip with our dog Dakota, the border guard made us empty out our Tupperware container as the ingredients were not known. Please see a full listing here of rules and regulations for transporting food across the U.S. boarder. (

Hope this helps get you all “on the road”!!!

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